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Wayne Public Library

3737 S. Wayne Rd. Wayne MI. 48184
Phone: (734) 721-7832   Fax: (734) 721-0341
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The Wayne Public Library provides a community meeting room to encourage free expression and access to ideas presenting all points of view on subjects of all kinds.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 5/9/2018, the meeting room will no longer be available for private parties, showers, etc. It is still available for rent for civic, educational, and cultural programs.

Facilities Available

The Wayne Public Library has a large meeting room with a maximum seating capacity of approximately 135 in an "all chair" seating configuration. This room can be divided into two smaller rooms seating up to approximately 60 each. Tables are available. Users may request use of either or the two smaller rooms or the entire large area. The large room (or one small room) has a small kitchenette. Large coffee makers are available for use in any of the rooms, but the user must supply all needed utensils, cups, etc.

Fee Schedule

Please inquire at the library in regards to fees.


Free, lighted, covered parking is available at the parking garage just to the south of the Library. Users may enter either from Michigan Avenue East or from the north entrance at the end of Veteran's Plaza Drive off Second Street. Any cars remaining in the garage after the scheduled closing time will be locked in until the next day.

Application Procedure

The applicant will be given a copy of the Meeting Room Rules and Regulations and the application form. The application form must be completed and signed by the representative of the using organization who will assume responsibility for the group's use of the facility and for seeing that the use conforms to these rules and regulations. The person signing the application as a using group's representative must be at least 21 years of age, present a valid driver's license or equivalent identification and may be required to provide proof of non-profit or tax-exempt status. The user will be given a copy of the complete application and one copy will be retained by the library.

The application form must be accompanied by a check for the amount indicated on the application and returned to the library. In order that we may best serve the potential users in the community, users should notify the library of cancellations as soon as possible. In case of cancellation, fees or deposits will be refunded only if the library is notified at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled use.

Tentative reservations for use of meeting facilities may be made by telephone, but the reservation will not be confirmed until a signed application, with any other required documents and check have been received and recorded at least 1 week in advance of scheduled usage. Tentative bookings will be held for a maximum of three days, after which the time slot will be released to other users.

The prospective user must read and agree to these regulations prior to signing the application.

General Rules and Regulations

The meeting rooms will be available to resident and non-resident organizations according to the fee schedule.

Library use may take precedence over use by non-library organizations.

Meeting room usage is limited to civic, educational, or cultural type programs.

Light refreshments are permitted and a small kitchenette facility is provided. Two large coffee makers will be available; however, the user is responsible for providing all other utensils and dishes and for cleanup after the program.

In the case of exhibits, the sponsoring group must be responsible for supervision and security of exhibited items, as well as loss from fire or damage to the exhibit or exhibited items. Valuable exhibits should be insured by the sponsoring group or exhibitor. The City of Wayne, The Wayne Public Library, the Library Staff, or the Library Board will not be responsible for damage to private property arising from the use of the meeting facilities by the applicant.

The City of Wayne, the Wayne Public Library, the Library Staff, or the Library Board will not be responsible for any claims of personal injury arising from the use of the meeting facilities.

Groups using the meeting room will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage to facilities (including cleaning problems) and equipment owned by the Wayne Public Library resulting from their use by the organization. Such damage or failure to pay for such damage may result in denial of use in the future at the discretion of the Director and / or the Wayne Library Board. We suggest that the person reserving a meeting room inspect the facility prior to the date or time of the meeting.

Smoking and use of alcohol are not permitted in this or any other portion of the Wayne Public Library.

Meetings are to be confined to the meeting rooms and meeting room vestibule area only and may not be held in or spill over into the public service areas.

Adults in meetings are responsible for their children in other parts of the library.

A limited amount of audio/visual equipment is available. A qualified operator for the using organization must examine and become familiar with the operation of the equipment by appointment during regular library hours prior to the meeting at which it is to be used. A trained library staff member shall assist in familiarization and operation of equipment, but will not be available for assistance during the scheduled meeting time. The library reserves the right to deny a group the use of any audio/visual equipment if , in the opinion of the library representative, the user's representative is not qualified to operate such equipment.

The occurance of any program in the Wayne Public Library does not necessarily imply endorsement of or agreement with the content of that program or the aims of the sponsoring organization by the Library Staff, the Library Board, or the City of Wayne.

Any application for use of the meeting room may be rejected and previously granted permission for use be withdrawn for violation of these rules at the absolute discretion of the Director and / or the Wayne Public Library Board only.

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