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Wayne Public Library

3737 S. Wayne Rd. Wayne MI. 48184
Phone: (734) 721-7832   Fax: (734) 721-0341
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A Message from the Library Board

July 17, 2015

In April, 2014 we sent out a note in this space explaining the financial situation at the Wayne Public Library. This is an update to that note.

In short, not much has changed. Our budget is still one-third of what it was five years ago. We are still operating on reduced hours, and our official allocation for books is zero, although we have received grants from the Ford Fund which served to buy some books, CDs, DVDs, and other circulating items for both the adult and childrens' departments. We cannot count on grants, however, since they may be withdrawn at the grantor's discretion. The Friends of the Wayne Public Library continues to contribute to special projects and purchases. We get small amounts from state aid and state penal fines (money from traffic tickets). The City has withdrawn all support due to its financial condition leaving us to operate on only the one mill dedicated to the library (about $360,000).

We haven't given up, however. We are currently exploring the possibility of asking voters for one additional mill dedicated to the library that, if passed, will restore another third of our previous budget. (A city library like ours is limited by current law to a total of 2 mills.) Our number one priority is to restore as many hours as possible as soon as possible. We are aware of the inconvenience which the reduction in hours has caused, and we will rectify that at the earliest chance. The second priority is to restore the budget for books and other circulating materials.

Please bear with us. We will keep you informed of our progress and plans to give the adults and children of Wayne the best possible library services. Meantime, thanks for your continued patience and support.

On behalf of the Wayne Library Board: Dee Ryan, Nancy Chiasson, Carol Weyand, Don Toms. Paulette Medvecky and Steve McGladdery, Co-Directors.

Ed Marman, Board President

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